Operational since 2019, Anahatam Media is a Mumbai-based Media Agency founded by Vaibhav Hatkar and Shruti Kumar. Our agency has three different verticals.



Digital Media Agency

We are involved in multiple aspects related to digital marketing such as ‘Social Media Marketing’, ‘Graphics Designing’, ‘Content Planning’, ‘Digital Spent’ and ‘SEO & SMO’.


Film Production Agency

We do a great number of things from ‘pre-production’ to ‘distribution’. In pre-production, we take care of Scripting, Hiring talent and crew, Casting. We take complete responsibility for planning and executing a shoot. In post-production, we provide support in editing, music and sound designing, VFX, color correction and grading. We also help to market and distribute the same in India as well as overseas.


Video Making Agency

We are focused on many areas related to video making such as scripting, location scouting, and logistics. We focus on producing all kinds of videos, it can be YouTube Video, Facebook Post Video, Facebook Ad Video, TV Commercial, Documentaries, Short Films and Music Video.


Curious about our name?

Anahata, the Sanskrit word for Limitless, Infinite or unbeaten. It is the ‘fourth primary chakra’ out of the seven main chakras, and it is located near the heart.


“We place our hearts in everything we do and complete every project with our 100% dedication”, that’s the mantra of our success!


With this inspiration, we coined it “Anahatam Media”.


Brains Behind Anahatam


Vaibhav Hatkar

A Perfectionist - A person who doesn't stop until everything is picture-perfect. An award-winning filmmaker and MBA holder in “Media and Advertising”, Vaibhav is a Creative Director/Founder at Anahatam Media. His twisted brain cooks ‘out of the box’ ideas in everything, and that makes him stand out from the rest. He has a rich experience spanning a decade in the media industry from films to digital marketing and back. His most famous film "A love such as this" has been critically acclaimed by many.

"Imagine to imagine a bigger picture while you are imagining

Shruti Kumar

A person with a Trailblazer vision, who creates path where no one is expecting. She is the Producer/Founder at Anahatam Media. Today she is Associated with the top brands in India.She is known for her work, commitment and versatility. Creative sense to combine art with business. She has worked in varied capacities as a Producer and Director. You'll find her working on anything from Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Television to Events. She also holds a degree in Film Producing from Whistling Woods International.

"Imagination is limitless, anything one can imagine can be crafted into reality, that the true power of filmmaking


Contact Us

Kaustubham A/203 ,Gokuldham, Goregaon (E), Mumbai 400063 connect@anahatam.com  |  Mob: +91-7021110996 (No Marketing Calls)

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